total food waste management solutions

We provide the following end-to-end services to fully manage your business’ food waste in an ecologically-friendly manner.

Food Waste Management
SOP Set-up

  • Consultation & SOP development
  • Training workshop for kitchen

Food Waste Separation
& Storage

  • Provision of food waste drums
    to separate food waste
    (30-50kg capacity)
  • Implementation of separation &
    storage processes

Food Waste Collection

  • Proper & hygienic disposal methods
  • Regularly scheduled waste collection
  • Ecological disposal of waste via the
    Eco Foodsoft Circular Economic Modelx


  • Yearly sustainability report
  • Yearly food waste collection
    & treatment report


Eco Foodsoft produces 100% organic products for healthier farming. Our product range includes high-quality compost, fertiliser & animal feed that are rich in nutrients and 100% organic free of any harmful chemicals. The Eco Foodsoft product line is the result of our commitment to creating a sustainable environment.


  • Mildly alkaline to improve soil pH
  • Ideal for vegetables, flowers,
    shrubs & trees


  • Made from worm castings
  • A perfect balance of nitrogen, phosphate & potassium
  • Ideal for vegetables, flowers, shrubs & trees

Animal Feed

  • Black soldier fly larvae
  • Rich in protein & fat
  • Ideal as animal feed