the solution

In order to meet these challenges; engaging a reliable partner who is able to consult & manage food waste from end-to-end is essential to ensure smooth operation & the continued success of your business.

Furthermore you’ll also be able to introduce sustainable processes which will become increasingly more important as Malaysia evolves as a modernised nation with stricter laws that seek to protect our environment.

impact of
well-managed food waste


cleanliness & sanitation with
proper worker training

Reduce garbage
accumulation by up to



on-premise outlook with no
unsightly messes in the kitchen


the risk of pests &
eliminate smells



By implementing improved Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and waste separation on your premises; you’ll be able to increase the level of cleanliness in your businesses and enjoy the following benefits when you introduce sustainable food waste management processes in your day-to-day operations.

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As a direct result of having improved SOPs on-premise you’ll be able to mitigate the risk of fines and opportunity loss should the authorities order your outlet to be temporarily shut down whilst you clean-up.

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The Impact of Poor Waste Management

Food waste generally ends up in landfills which directly causes problems in the environment as follows:

Eco Fact:
Food Waste & Landfills

SWCorp Malaysia’s statistics show that Malaysians produce 38,000 tonnes of waste per day, and about 15,000 tonnes is made out of food waste.

Food waste ends up in landfills that generate methane as a result of organic waste undergoing anaerobic decomposition.

Methane is a greenhouse gas that is 21 times more compared to carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming when released to the atmosphere.

Source: The New Straits Times, August 25, 2018

The Solution

Environmental impact can be lessened by diverting food waste from landfills and implementing proper & sustainable food waste management in day-to-day operations.

Benefits of Sustainable Food Waste Management

Reduce Food

Reduce Water Pollution

Lower Methane Emissions

Reduce Land Pollution

Eco Foodsoft has diverted

kg of food waste away from landfills